Security & Threat Management

Hardware, Software, Cloud and Onsite Security and Advanced Threat Management

We offer comprehensive and fully integrated Advanced Security and Threat Management solutions and services.  Every week we read about another company that has been compromised – don’t let that happen to you.   Let us help you secure your network, systems, and servers with these managed service offerings:

  • Cloud Managed Firewall and Network:  A critical first step.  Most small businesses we talk with don’t have a firewall or any network security in place, just a simple wireless router as the only barrier between the internet and their business. This is no protection against the complex threats from the internet.  With an advanced cloud managed threat protection system from Unified IT Services, you can take control of your network and secure your critical IT assets.
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection: Adaptive and cloud based network intrusion protection and advanced threat protection with real-time network intrusion detection, logging and alerting. Automatic blocking of IPs / networks that are known to pose a threat or have launched attacks on your network. Web browsing link filtering, advanced email threat protection from spam and phishing, and a comprehensive employee training system.
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Malware Protection: Cloud based network and system antivirus, spyware and malware protection with centralized management, alerting and logging.
  • Web Content Filtering:  Control what, when and how your employees access the internet.  Define access policies, day / time restrictions, site restrictions, and blocks sites known to contain malware, or harmful exploits, preventing unidentified viruses from being downloaded.  This service includes comprehensive logging and reporting.
  • Peer-to-peer service blocking:  Peer-to-peer file sharing services can use large amounts of network bandwidth and frequently contain malicious hidden payloads, designed to compromise your network.  Use of these services can also expose your business to liability issues, as content is often illegally copied and in violation of copyrights.  Limit your exposure to these threats with specialized blocking and control features.
  • User Internet Management:  Working in conjunction with web content filtering, we can control access to internet resources with integrated options that work with your domain active directory user accounts for complete control and logging, including real time charts on employee internet usage.