Cloud Software Services

Unified IT Services offers a wide range of cloud managed and hosted software solutions, such as Office 365, Backups, Azure Active Directory, and many more. Contact us to discuss all your cloud software needs.

Microsoft Office 365 – Cloud-powered email, collaboration, and control. With Office 365, you get access to the latest office products, all protected and maintained in the Microsoft cloud.  Universal anywhere access to your email, contacts, and files from virtually any device. Advanced services and products, including SharePoint portal, IM clients, Microsoft Office, and cloud based backup of all your important files.  Disaster recovery has never been easier with Office 365 because everything is automatically backed-up in the cloud in real time.  Never worry again.  All with the full support of Unified IT Services and Microsoft.

  • Office 365 Software:  All the best Microsoft Office 365 software delivered and updated directly from the cloud! Never again have to upgrade or purchase Office software for each system.  Future Office versions and updates are included free of charge.
  • Office 365 Hosted Email:  Get the power of full Microsoft Office 365 hosted email, 100% synced between all your devices.  Seamless integration and full syncing of all contacts, email (all folders), calendar, and tasks between your desktop, laptop, and smartphone.  All changes made on one device are automatically synced to all devices.
  • One Drive Cloud based Document Storage:  All important documents are automatically synced between all devices and stored in the cloud.  Changes made to a document on one device automatically sync to all your others. That even includes your phone with the Office 365 One Drive app.
  • Web-based Office 365 Applications:  Not at your computer?  No problem – with Office 365 you have access to cloud based versions of  Office applications, like Word and Excel, without having to have them installed locally.  Great for working at a hotel business center or when you don’t have access to your laptop or desktop.  In addition, you can download mobile versions of most Microsoft apps so and you can view and edit documents from your phone.
  • Microsoft Teams: The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365! Invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. Collaborate without compromising privacy and security.
  • Reliability and Security:  Robust and Redundant data centers operated and maintained by Microsoft, with all the patching, security and maintenance taken care of for you.
  • SharePoint Team Sites:  EDitch the onsite server. SharePoint enables easy sharing of documents and project / business information within your organization via team sites. Skip the expensive server onsite purchasing, maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Great Value:  Office 365 is a service, so you get great business value for the investment. Low upfront costs, lower IT costs to keep everything running, the flexibility to add users, and additional services on tap when you need them—all these add up to the ROI businesses need to succeed.


Cloud Backup Solutions – We offer a wide selection of cloud based backup and storage solutions.  Local backups are a must but should be coupled with off-site and cloud based backup solutions for full redundancy and protection.  Unified IT Services provides counsel on selection of the right cloud based storage and backup solution and we can integrate it seamlessly into the environment.